Monday, July 7, 2008

10 for 10 in 10

I was thinking about how much the simple concept of the "clutter rule of 10" helps to get things cleaned up and moving and I came up with an idea of a challenge to present myself. I'm frankly terrified of the idea, but since I did think of it and it is possible, I feel I can't chicken out and skip it and still remain accountable to myself.

Eliminate 10 items in 10 areas over 10 days.

I was thinking about the clutter aspect of the Clutter Diet because I've really been emphasizing the organizational component of it along with the peripheral cleaning element. Therefore, the idea is to eliminate, via trash, donation or craigslist, 10 items at a time. 10 doesn't sound like much, but I've seen how much picking up 10 items can do, so I think this can have a real influence. The 10 areas component is to force me to do this process throughout the house. And then 10 days both forces me to keep moving on the project and serves the double purpose of helping to develop this idea as a habitual behavior.

I'm not going to define the areas as absolutes, but I do have some ideas. Kitchen, dining room, living room, garage, landing, master bedroom, master bath, guest room, Trajan's room, and office.

Since I am so terrified of this, I'm declaring that tonight is the first night to prevent myself from chickening out.

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