Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I’ll keep laying out plans

I know that plans often don’t work out. I do recognize it. It’s just that setting the lists gives me guidance and helps me keep motivated as well as keeping moving.

You can guess by this preface that I didn’t do so hot at my list last night. It was a combination of two factors: schedule shifting and a bit of motivation lack. Paul was working on a project and so he got home at almost 8 instead of around 5 like usual, so I had less flexibility to get little things done in the pre-Trajan bedtime hours. Then, I had to take the loan car back to the dealership, pick up mine and discuss the install of the tow-package next week. All things combined, I really didn’t even think about getting anything done until 9:15.

The second issue was motivation. I try not to be hard on myself when I’m doing stuff willingly, but I’m not gung ho. I save giving myself grief about motivation for when I’m just flat out not doing things rather than when I’m doing them slowly or without pizzazz. And last night I didn’t have that eagerness that I have most of the time when I’m working on this.

I did accomplish things though. I sorted the mail while playing the Trajan after we got home, I got him fed, bathed and ready for bed. I completed two loads of laundry entirely. And I was very good at the rewards side of things! I played 21 songs worth of guitar hero and drank a full 750 ml of Italian Soda.

So, there are still things left on my list, but I’m ok with that. Honestly, I’ve come to realize that as long as I give at least one days worth of solid, eager work a week and I put in at least a couple “clutter rule of 10”s a day and try to do no harm, I’m good with myself.

I’m anticipating some good work over the weekend, so we’ll see if my trust in myself is justified!

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