Friday, July 18, 2008

Web appearance and style definitely matters...

I'm beyond buried, but at least for once in my life I recognize this is a problem and am working to get a path out of it and to prevent this from happening again which will hopefully keep our whole division a little more coordinated as a bonus :-).

But here's my tidbit of thought for the day/week. The appearance of your website matters if you are trying to present a product or service. Really for any website, but especially if this is something you are incorporating as a part of your livelihood.

I really support the people who are not only willing to admit this, but acknowledge that their current webpage isn't what they want to be presenting to the world and more significantly, put in the work to make a change and defeat the danger of apathy breed by years of appearing that way.

We have a good friend who provides private dog training, classes specifically tailored to companion dogs and provides high-quality boarding through her company, Buddy's Chance. She's actually had the site since earlier days when she provided pet-sitting services, so she definitely had years of familiarity with the status quo.

Courtesy of the wayback machine, here's how the general layout of her website looked on April 5, 2007:
Now, here's how it looks as of today:

Serious improvement, don't you think?

She's someone who appears to be a natural at resisting the allure of the status quo for the satisfaction of her desires including quitting her law firm to follow her passion and love of dogs. It's a different attitude from what I often see in the world in general including myself and I really find it refreshing.

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