Friday, June 20, 2008


In talking with a friend, I realized that I should probably provide a bit of clarification about what the Clutter Diet system is designed for. It really is about maintaining order that exists with gradual improvement with a heavy emphasis on establishing routines and systems as well as eliminating clutter. It is not about cleaning, though it does emphasize enabling cleaning. It is also not advertised or emphasized as something to deal with extreme situations like we present. However, they don’t seem phased by it either! Also, my thought is there is no time sooner than now, so while we might not be in ideal shape for the Clutter Diet, we can only gain by going ahead and starting. From my reading and reflection thus far, I really feel that it’s the systems and the routines that are the crux of the matter and those apply to everyone, regardless of their situation. So, while it may not present the solution to every issue of keeping your house clean and organized, it traverses most of that chasm.

I did encounter one issue last night because of our complete lack of order in that since there is stuff to varying degrees on most flat surfaces, it’s really hard to identify peripheral space to pull stuff out and organize while spacescaping. I’ll have more to say about this after this weekend as it’s my deadline to have spacescaped the laundry room by the end of the weekend. My thought is I might just have to bite the bullet and invest some time to put up the items (basically folded laundry) that are accumulated in the “midspace” that runs outside the laundry room.

BTW: thanks for the comment that inspired this as well as all the other conversations I’ve had with those of you who are supporting me in this venture!

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