Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who is in this space?!?

For those who are less familiar with us, a brief summary of who lives in the site of this chaos. In brief, it’s myself, my husband, our 10-month old son and our five-year-old Irish Terrier. About once a week we add a 17-year-old dear family friend who babysits Trajan on date-night and there will hopefully be a maid added to the equation within the coming weeks.

In addition to this information being useful as a context, it’s also key to keep in mind when doing spacescaping work. Note: I need to address, from my perspective, what spacescaping means. It’s a component of the Clutter Diet system as created by Lorie Marrero. I haven’t written it yet, because I wanted to complete my first full attempt at the art before recording my reflections, so look for that after the new laundry machines are installed!

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