Monday, June 30, 2008

Car Organization

When I organized the car Friday, it became apparent to me that organizational maintenance will not be sufficient to keep my car in order; I really need a full organizational solution. Currently, the areas in the car useful for organization are: the front center storage console (smaller than I've ever seen in any car), the glove compartment, the back of the front two seats, an even smaller storage console in the middle seat and a storage box under the cargo area. All of these combined are about the size of the center console in my previous car.

So, I think I need to begin research into car organization products. I think that something that adds pockets to the back of the front seats might be the way to go, but I'll have to see what turns up when I research. Also, I want to research systems that reduce the amount of objects in the car such as moving jewel cases into the house and keeping only disk sleeves in the car.

I want to keep moving on the main project, so I'm not working on this now, but it is definitely something I will be addressing in the coming months.

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