Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progress of the day. . .

Well, as you can see from the preceding posts, I took baseline pictures of the house and got them posted. This was a big thing in terms of progress.

Went through and read a fair bit of the information available throughout the clutter diet website. Two key things to think about: 1. the clutter rule of 10 and 2. work for my future self. While it may sound obvious, I really found the quotation, “hard work is often easy work that you did not do at the proper time” to be pretty compelling.

Things I have identified as needing to be done in the short time frame:

  • Put together organizational toolkit including getting a label maker
  • Get paul to look at systems workbook
  • Spacescape the laundry room.
  • Get itsdeductible set up as well as a folder for the electronic pictures.
  • Generally, pick a spot and move clockwise.

Today I also worked at organizing some of the material available. One of the components of this was sticking plastic paper clip things onto the weekly assignments and knowledge base articles so I could tell their topic at a glance.

  • Black – General Downstairs
  • Blue – Laundry
  • Pale Blue – Kitchen
  • Green – Bathrooms
  • Red – Bedrooms
  • Hot Pink – T-man
  • Salmon – Office
  • Yellow – Garage
  • White – Outdoors/Other
  • Orange – donations
  • Purple – J-dog
  • Lime Green – Paper systems
  • Red-Orange –
  • Metallic –

What's nice about this is for each weekly assignment, I've placed the plastiklips on the first page for the subjects of each of the courses. This allows me when working in the laundry room to flip through the binder of weekly assignments and read the tips/assignments that apply to that space as well as find the pertinent knowledge base documents that I've found, printed and annotated in cases. I've started using OneNote to organize some of this as well and I think it would be good to work towards a "cheat sheet" for each space that includes information on its systems as well as my notes from the assignments and documents that apply to it. I'm not worrying about that yet, but it's definitely on my mind. I'll address the binders that I've developed in another post later.

I think both the Morning to-DEW and the SSS’s before ZZZ’s are good fits for our lifestyles and needs. We need to look at them more and turn them into true systems/routines rather than just ideas, but I see real potential here.

Another issue is with the system planning and tasks. Ideally, I think only the daily wipe-up type and the periodic deep cleaning should be handled between Paul and I, with the normal weekly cleaning to be handled by a house keeper. But this requires us identifying the housekeeper, setting things up with her, getting the house to the point that she can clean it and maintaining it in a state that she can continue cleaning.

Will we live on to fight another day? Will I find a solution for the front of the refrigerator not being magnetized? Will we find a recycling solution? Tune in again to find out.

Goals and dates:

Spacescape laundry by 6/22

Get Paul to look at Systems book by 6/25

Identify d (and c) level storage by end of June

Come up with ideas for recycling plan by July 11

Destination station by end of July

Set up organizational caddy by July 4

Come up with a laundry system (lights, darks, colors/stains) by July 18

Set up itsdeductible and picture location by August 14

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