Saturday, June 21, 2008

Clutter rule of 10

The clutter rule of 10 struck me when I first read it and I've already seen that it really is an incredibly valuable tool in my organizational arsenal. Basically, when you feel you don't have time to deal with something or you feel overwhelmed by it or you worry about obsessing with perfection, don't shoot to solve the clutter. Just deal with 10 items.

Last night, I saw this play out in practice. I didn't really feel like diving deep into anything and since I was planning on dealing with my "midspaces" and laundry room on Saturday, I wasn't feeling very motivated. So, I did the clutter rule of 10 within the living room. I actually did it multiple times: once with trash, once with T-man's toys, once with miscellaneous stuff and once with media. The effect was shocking -- the room was visible and the purpose of it could be divined. Also, I'm a firm believer now in the practice of clearing up the couches as a two-minute way to drastically improve the situation.

I'm in progress currently with the midspaces and laundry room work. I'll post on it later!

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